March, 2017

Monthly - March, 2017
2nd Class Science experiment

In 2nd Class we did a Science experiment to investigate which material a toy car can move furthest on; wood, carpet, bubble wrap or cardboard.  The results are in and our predictions were correct.  The car moved furthest on the wood, next was the cardboard, then the carpet and the bubble wrap came last.


John from Bumbelance called to our school on Thursday March 16th to explain to the pupils how the Bumbelance works to transport very sick children to hospital and back home. It provided a great opportunity for the children to understand how this specially designed ambulance can assist families during difficult journeys to and from hospital.  …

Whizz kidz

Pupils from 4th, 5th and 6th class are very fortunate to have the opportunity to do computer programming again this year. The pupils are working on ‘Scratch’ and are learning the basics of how to work on creating their own animations and software programmes.