April, 2017

Monthly - April, 2017
The effects of water pollution

Pupils in 6th class recently studied the effects of water pollution, contaminants and how they can destroy fish life, bird life and we finished off by doing a class experiment. In the experiment they also looked at the best absorbents for a crude oil spill.

Active flag-Hurling

Micheál has noted that the pupils have been making great progress  in all the classes. It’s great to see the children get the opportunity to improve their hurling skills or to start from scratch.  Keep moving!  

Active Schools Flag Information

      Here’s some information about the Active School’s flag that our school is aiming for. A flag will be awarded to our school if we meet certain criteria. A list of Physical Education goals, Physical Activity goals, Partnerships with local clubs and the activities we plan for Active School Week will be assessed and judged, and if …