Active Flag from Junior Infants

‘We have been very active in Junior Infants and love to partake in out of seat activities throughout the day to keep our minds and our bodies fresh and ready to learn. First of all we find our space bubble. This ensures the children are safe in the classroom and have their own space to exercise and dance. We put our arms out wide and if we touch someone else we have burst our space bubble and have to find another space to make our space bubble again.

We love dancing to zumba and guided dance on Go Noodle and going up a level is our favourite. We ‘shake our sillies out’ and  ‘move and freeze’ with The Learning Station too. We get so excited when we can dance to ‘baby shark’ and show off our creative dance moves.

We are active in school every day and this helps us to focus and do great work for our teacher!’

“Exercise not only changes your body. It changes your mind, your attitude, your mood.”