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School Closures

  School is closed on Friday 21st of June for training for teachers on the new Primary Language Curriculum. The last day of the school year is Wednesday 26th of June. School re-opens on Friday 30th of August.

Burren Beo certs

We were delighted to receive Distinctions and Merits for our Burren Beo projects today. Kate, from Burren Beo, visited us again to bring our certificates. We have learned do much about ‘Our Place’, and we promise to keep be our school, our homes and spaces litter free! check out there website www.burrenbeo.com for more information.

6th class STEM

What a great opportunity to work with Gary and Ruadhraí from Gort Resource Centre!  Half the class are doing 3 sessions with STEM while the other half are getting a chance to work with IZAK9.  Then we swap over groups for 3 sessions.

Have you ever tried volleyball?

Well have you ever pushed back the tables and chairs and played it sitting / crouching with a balloon and a piece of wool?  What fun the kids had as it was raining and we couldn’t get out for PE. So after doing some floor exercises and stretches we tried this out. We will be …