Hedgehog rescue mission!

On Friday, 2nd of June, the children noticed a hedgehog was tangled in the goalnet, in the yard on the Tubber Road. The alarmbells sounded and there was great concern for the safety of this creature.

Karen Platt was called to the rescue and she freed the hedgehog, much to the relief and appreciation of all the children.
The hedgehog was brought to be assessed in Shannon.
I believe there was a survey among students to find a suitable name for the hedgehog, with Henry, Barry and even Sonic was mentioned!
Well, it’s great to hear that the hedgehog is a female and weighs 1.5 kgs. She was after eating a big feed of cat food, and she will be released back into the wild near Shannon next week.
Thank you Karen for your help.
 So it’s back to the drawing board for the pupils to agree on a name…..Maybe Henrietta or Helen!
Further update….she is pregnant!!