Pupils from 3rd to 6th class attended the Peace Proms in the Sports Arena in UL on Sunday March 5th 2017.

We were lucky to have seats directly behind the orchestra so we got the full experience of all the sections of the orchestra- strings, woodwind, brass and percussion.

Greg Beardsell directed the choir and orchestra effortlessly and the children thoroughly enjoyed the concert.
We sang songs from Annie, a Disney medley a Pop Medley, ‘The best day of my life,’ ‘Together we are one’ and ‘Heal the World.’ We were treated to amazing soloists on the day along with instrumental music. The concert finished with rousing renditions of ‘You’re the voice’ and ‘Ireland’s Call.’

It was a wonderful opportunity for the pupils, so well done for their effort in learning all the songs.

A huge thank you to our teachers for teaching the songs and to those who travelled with the pupils on the day.
We are delighted that so many parents were able to attend the concert and enjoy the unforgettable experience of Peace Proms 2017.