6th Class

Junior Entrepreneur Programme

Our pupils in 6th class have undertaken a business project this year. Pupils had to come up with a good product to sell. After much collaboration and discussion the pupils decided to design a high-vis jacket with our school crest and a motto on it. “Be Safe, be cool. Wear your high- vis to school.” …

Izak 9

We love to explore Maths problems and challenges using Izak9. We do lots of group work and have a chance to discuss what we know in Maths to solve tasks.

The effects of water pollution

Pupils in 6th class recently studied the effects of water pollution, contaminants and how they can destroy fish life, bird life and we finished off by doing a class experiment. In the experiment they also looked at the best absorbents for a crude oil spill.

Active flag-Hurling

Micheál has noted that the pupils have been making great progress  in all the classes. It’s great to see the children get the opportunity to improve their hurling skills or to start from scratch.  Keep moving!  

6th class Clay

Have a look at some of our works of art in 6th class recently, using clay. The pupils created some interesting things from this beautiful flower (shown in the photo) to a mini piano, a jar of jam to name a few.

6th class poetry

We have been writing looking at different poems as a stimulus to help inspire our own poetry in 6th class. Each pupil began with the sentence “l placed my hands over my eyes and straight away I saw…..” They wrote poems about the seaside, the forest even a soccer match to name a few. What …