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4th Class Science Week

Fourth Class participated in a wonderful ‘Lego Workshop’ during Science Week in November 2022. They thoroughly enjoyed these practical, investigative activities 🙂 

3rd Class Science Week

For Science Week, Third Class learned all about the heart. They learned that it is a very important muscle that helps to move our blood around our bodies. They even made their own heart replica. The experiment showed how our blood comes in and out. The heart pumps the blood out. They had great fun […]

First Class Heritage School Workshop 2022

First Class also took part in a fabulous Heritage School workshop. Dale, an Australian facilitator shared the most wonderful facts about plants, animals and their habitats with 1st class.  With his guidance, they went to the park to investigate and explore what bugs could be found there. They listened to stories about animals like the […]

Junior Infants Science Week Experiments

Junior Infants Junior Infants had great fun working as scientists during ‘Science Week’ in November 2022. They discovered many different ways to make shapes, predicted outcomes of experiments and discussed the results from the different experiments. They thoroughly enjoyed completing the experiments with their classmates!  🙂